Rubik's Cube Challenge

For the 8th consecutive year, we have the pleasure of partnering with the "You Can Do The Rubik's Cube" organization.

During the morning portion of Math Field Day, while the teams are competing, the coaches, whose teams will compete in the afternoon Rubik's Challenge, will be attending a Rubik's Challenge coaches'/proctors' meeting.

Each team will be given the opportunity to sign up on the School Registration Page for the Rubik's Cube Challenge to be held after lunch and before the Math Field Day awards ceremony. 

Download the 2018 Rubik's Challenge Rules .
Read the competition guide carefully as some of the rules and guidelines have changed.


  1. Each school is allowed 8 participants (combined from their 4th, 5th, and/or 6th grade Math Field Day teams) to compete in the Rubik's Cube Challenge
  2. During the challenge, each team of 8 will work together to solve 11 Rubik's Cubes. The goal is to solve all 11 cubes with the fastest time.
  3. Awards will be given to the top team(s).
  4. There is no fee to participate in the Rubik's Cube Challenge, but the challenge is limited to the first 20 schools (from North and South, respectively) who register.
  5. Teams must bring their own cubes to the competition. All cubes must be pre-approved by the competition director. See the detailed schedule on the Coaches' Corner for cube verification check-in time.


  1. The tournament requires the use of 3x3x3 Rubik's brand Cubes.
  2. Competitors should bring and use their own cubes. Cubes will be available for loan if needed or if any of your cubes do not meet the competition rules.
  3. Cubes must be in reasonable working order, so that normal Cubes should not be damaged, marked, or otherwise altered. It is acceptable to allow a small marking on the center cube with the Rubik's logo, so a personal cube can be identified. By small, we mean a colored dot, other symbol or initials.
  4. Lubricating and/or sanding cubes is acceptable to make the cubes twist smoothly. However, if for any reason the cube does not function correctly, falls apart or moves out of the solved state accidentally once the timer has stopped, the cube is considered unsolved and will not justify grounds for a "do over".
  5. Competitors are not allowed to bring any cubes into the competition area. Teacher/Coach maintains custody of cubes.
  6. Competition-approved cubes can be purchased by downloading the order form (see link below).


Rubik's Cube Solution Guide: .


Kits with cubes can be ordered online (at a special OCMC discount rate if you use  PROMO CODE OCMC12-2018) at .

Kits with cubes can be ordered online (at a special OCMC discount rate if you use promo code: COMP18) at you can apply to loan kits or use this order form link: .

Link to loan cubes: - Use code OCMC12-2018 for a free prepaid return shipping label.

If your school would like to participate in the Rubik's Cube Challenge at Math Field Day this year, please fill out the Rubik's Cube Challenge section on the School Registration page.